CP Rail Strike possible, effective 21 April,2018

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The CP Railway union representing conductors and locomotive engineers voted friday to authorize strike action. Unless an agreement is reached, the 3000 workers will walk off the job effective 21 April, 2018.

If the walkout occurs, CP’s efforts to clear the freight backlog impacting the industry and causing anger amongst grain companies, farmers and other major commodities shippers will be halted. The government of Canada and the U.S have expressed strong dissent toward the delays the railway has already incurred across the industry.

The collective agreement for the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference union expired late last year, and workers while workers have other demands, they are primarily asking for more set schedules in order to combat burnout and fatigue.

The union has also expressed concern over cuts and concessions requested by CP, despite the corporation reporting high profits and strong financials.

Source: Globe and Mail


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