Do I really need a Customs Broker?

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Perhaps your business is new, has grown, or you have just gone through an audit – The question is the same, Do you really need a customs broker?

Reasons you need an importer and exporter customs brokerage

There’s no doubt that a central part of running a business is being as efficient as possible. If your business requires you to import goods, a customs broker is a key part of  optimizing your internal processes. Business owners have to be specialists in many different things. It is often the case that it is not worth the time spent figuring out the nuances of international trade. Sometimes, it’s best to leave this to the experts.

You may even be asking yourself what does a customs broker do, exactly?

Customs brokerage is a field in which experienced professionals guide you in importing your goods. They are specialists in all things regarding customs regulations, free trade agreements, and other regulatory red tape that might be holding you back.

There are a multitude of operational government agencies, each with their own regulations. For you to safely bring products into the global market, you must be in compliance with all of them. Most businesses start out on a local scale, but once you’ve gained traction, it’s time to look at what you can do on an international level.

A customs broker is licensed by CBSA and acts on behalf of importers. Primarily assisting in the release of imported goods. It’s important to work closely with your customs broker to ensure compliance with regulations. 

What are my responsibilities as an importer?

The importer of record (you!) is responsible for providing accurate information on your products. As someone who is importing goods, it has become your duty to declare the goods being imported. That means you are responsible for providing the Country of Origin, and the valuation (among other required documentation). In hiring a broker, you will be able to easily comply with the requirements. Be as clear as possible, so that the customs broker can find the best solution for your needs.

The goal is to ensure Customs clears your products from its point of entry in a hassle-free manner. Customs brokers properly classify your foods and take advantage of free trade agreements and other regulatory elements. A customs broker is a specialist in clearing customs with ease and saving you money at the same time.

The bottom line is that a seasoned broker is responsible for helping you reduce shipping costs, streamline your processes, and deal with any issues that may come up during the customs transaction.



To help you navigate through the complex compliance landscape (and avoid the penalties that can come from non-compliance), Community Customs Brokers’s team of professionals can provide answers to these and many other pressing questions related to doing business in Canada as an Importer/Exporter.


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