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Small Business BC (SBBC) has long been known as a valuable resource for small business, new and established, in British Columbia. They offer a number of programs designed to educate and support business owners. They realize that international trade presents some very real challenges for small business. SBBC recognizes that Community Customs Brokers’ Cindy Christensen is an invaluable resource in that complex arena. Community Customs Brokers is happy to announce that Cindy is taking on the role of Customs and Logistics expert in SBBC’s Talk To An Expert program.



Setting up a supply chain from the ground up or looking to streamline the program you currently have in place? Cindy’s 20 years of industry savvy can help you reach your goals. Importing by land, air, sea or combination of modes? By the box or full shipping container? Importing a car or boat? They all come with their own special set of challenges. While learning from your own mistakes can be invaluable, smarter money suggests avoiding as many of them as possible in the first place. Navigating of all the complexities of trade without adequate guidance can lead to costly delays. These delays can result in a loss of revenue and customer confidence.

Making arrangements for a consult with Cindy or any of the professionals working through the Talk To An Expert program can be instrumental in keeping you on the right path with your business.




To help you navigate through the complex compliance landscape (and avoid the penalties that can come from non-compliance), Community Customs Brokers’ team of professionals can provide answers to these and many other pressing questions related to doing business in Canada as an Importer/Exporter.


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